About Us

TCYPCis a dynamic organization of dedicated coaches and skaters. Productions provide multiple opportunities year long for skaters of all ages. Guiding participants through the process of ice show production, skaters hone their performance skills, culminating in productions that offer the public outstanding entrainment.  

Mission Statement
Through education and instruction, TCYPC aims to empower athletes of all ages to successfully attain their personal goals associated with ice sports; to instill the desire and need in member athletes to give back to one’s community; at all times exemplify the highest standards of good sportsmanship, character; and to instill high self esteem and personal discipline in participating athletes.

* * * *

Founder & President 
Amanda Johnson has designed, marketed, and implemented numerous ice show productions. Her experience covers all aspects of development, pre-production, performance, operational management. With seven years of professional show skating experience and seven years of professional coaching, Ms. Johnson has creative vision for TCYPC productions. Her education includes a Business degree from Pepperdine, concentrating on finance, investment and contracting.

TCYPC productions encompasses casts of 50-70 performers,12+ foot tall sets, and fully mobile lighting. Under Ms. Johnson's direction, TCYPC ice shows have flourished and continue to grow.

Vice President
Lauri Varvais currently serves as the Skating School Director for the Easy Street Ice Arena. Ms. Varvais' vast coaching background includes successful national and international competitors, along with many skaters and coaches she has mentored in her lengthy coaching career. Her friendly and compassionate demeanor and innovative direction has garnered her a strong reputation in the skating community.

Tamara Smulson

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